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Take action now to stop the breeding and slaughtering of animals in Oakland. All are encouraged to participate, you don’t have to live in Oakland to lend a hand. Click on a numbered link to find out how you can help:

1. Sign the petition
2. Write to the Planning Commission
3. Write to the City Council*
4. Talk to your neighbors
5. Mail a Letter

Write to the Planning Commission

The Oakland Planning Commission is the government body responsible for guiding the process of creating a food policy and oversees the Planning Department. Be polite but to the point. If you are an Oakland resident, be sure to mention it. Tell them you do not support animals being a part of the food policy, and you are opposed to backyard slaughter. Tell them your personal reason why. Everyone’s voice is important, so let your city officials know! See below for a sample letter.

Write to the City Council

The City Council is the ultimate decision making body and can approve or reject certain parts of the food policy. Share your thoughts briefly with them by phone and email.

*If you only make one call, be sure to call your Councilmember. Send a polite, short follow up email.

Call, write, or email your City Council members using the table below. Find your City Council district and call your Councilmember during business hours on a weekday, and follow up with a personalized email.

District Name Phone Fax Email
1 Dan Kalb 238-7001 238-6910 dkalb@oaklandnet.com
2 Patricia Kernighan 238-7002 238-6910 pkernighan@oaklandnet.com
3 Lynette Gibson McElhaney 238-7003 238-6910 LMcElhaney@oaklandnet.com
4 Libby Schaaf 238-7004 238-6129 lschaaf@oaklandnet.com
5 Noel Gallo 238-7005 238-6129 ngallo@oaklandnet.com
6 Desley Brooks 238-7006 238-6129 dbrooks@oaklandnet.com
7 Larry E. Reid 238-7007 238-6910 lreid@oaklandnet.com
At Large Rebecca Kaplan 238-7008 238-6910 rkaplan@oaklandnet.com

Again, brief and polite is best. Tell them you do not support animals being a part of the food policy, and you are opposed to backyard slaughter. Make sure to stress that you support urban farming and community gardens, so long as animals are not a part of them. Tell them your personal reason why. Everyone’s voice is important, so let your city officials know! A sample letter is below.

Mail a Letter

If you live in Oakland, please write letters and mail them to your City Council person. You can find out who this is by visiting the Council District Locator.

Address your letter to:

City Council
1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza
Oakland, CA 94612

If you don’t live in Oakland, please write a letter to the Mayor:

Office of the Mayor
1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza
3rd Floor
Oakland, CA 94612

or call (510) 238-3141.

Need help crafting your letter?

Sample Letter Suggestions

Oakland is considering making a new food policy that would help people in food deserts gain access to healthful foods. Unfortunately, one part of the food policy would allow people to raise and slaughter chickens, rabbits, goats and other animals.

The problem is that allowing livestock, and their subsequent slaughter, does nothing to increase access to healthful foods (fruits & vegetables), is harmful to animals, will have negative impacts on wildlife, will burden city agencies, and will subject more people to the violence inherent in animal slaughter.

Sample points for your letter are below.  While we have provided talking points for you to craft your letter, please try to personalize your letter as much as possible—a personalized letter is always more likely to be read and taken seriously than a form letter.

Please politely and respectfully urge Oakland officials to keep animals out of the food policy, and keep urban farming animal-free.  The main points below are an outline, please write your letter in your own words.

Sample Letter Template

Dear _____

1 – I support urban farming.
2 – Fruits, vegetables, whole-grains are inaccessible to many people in our communities.
3 – I am opposed to backyard slaughter in Oakland because it doesn’t help Oaklanders gain access to fruits & vegetables.
4 – Including animals in the food policy unnecessarily harms animals.
5 – Keep urban farming animal-free.