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Backyard Butcher

In April 2012, Roberto Celedon was arrested for butchering animals on his property in Southern California. The news called him a “backyard butcher,” one who slaughters animals illegally to sell, or for personal consumption. The below video depicts his actions, and how the animal suffered.

Roberto Celedon was arrested and charged with a felony under California Penal Code 597(b) which states that every person who “tortures, torments,” “cruelly kills any animal” or “subjects any animal to needless suffering” is guilty of a crime punishable by a fine of not more than $20,000 and/or imprisonment in excess of one year.

Industrial Slaughter

In August 2012 the USDA shut down a Central Valley, California slaughterhouse because animals were being slaughtered in a way that the USDA deemed, “unacceptable treatment of cattle.” These cows were dairy cows, but were sent to slaughter because milking them was no longer profitable for their previous owners, as is standard industry practice.

But the question remains. Do we need either? When so many options are available to feed people in our neighborhoods—more healthful foods nonetheless—why should anyone stand behind creating new laws that would allow animals to be harmed in this way?

Collectively, wouldn’t our efforts be better spent creating urban agriculture policy that encourages growing crops, but discourages people from killing sentient beings? We don’t need more animal farms in Oakland, or anywhere else.

Support animal-free agriculture in our cities. Many lives are at stake.

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